Tissue Viability Service

What is the Tissue Viability Service?

The South Eastern Trust Tissue Viability Team strives to facilitate, support and develop best practice in wound management based on the best available research/ evidence. All opportunities will be taken to educate and impart knowledge both formally and informally. All patients with wounds or who are at risk of tissue damage and require specialist advice from the tissue viability team, will be assessed and treated in a manner, which considers all aspects of the individual’s health care needs to improve patient experience and outcomes. It pledges a commitment to research/ evidence based practice, to respect, and to responsiveness, inherent in a high quality, effective and safe, value for money service.

The Team is in the unique position of providing a multidisciplinary service. A dietician and specialist wound care podiatrist compliment 5 tissue viability nurses and a specialist tissue viability lead nurse. They provide specialist wound management/ preventative advice for patients with complex aetiologies/ co morbidities/ psychosocial issues. The TV team is a source of practical support and education in wound management in the clinical setting.

Leg ulcer clinics

Patients presenting with leg ulceration or associated lower limb conditions can be referred to these clinics by a health care professional. These clinics are available in a variety of locations across the Trust.

The service is also supported by our colleagues in District Nursing.


Referrals are received from all members of the multi-professional team from within and outside the Trust. An appropriate referral is one where a practitioner is seeking advice on e.g. pressure ulcer prevention and management, pressure relieving equipment, complex wound management

Referrals to this service can be made via Primary Care Connect (Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm excluding bank holidays) 
Telephone: 084 5603 2179